It will get bad!


Things are going to get bad at some point in the future, for one of a million reasons, for an unknown length of time. This is a fact of life and something you must come to terms with as an investor. The world always has been and always will be uncertain. There is no set of news events, political circumstances, or market conditions that will free the investor of risk or the fear of loss.

Look at History

Would markets feel safe to invest in during the Kent State shooting, Vietnam draft, segregation, slavery, Cuban Missile crisis, dire global warming reports, natural disasters, Cold War, New Cold War, WWII, WWI, Korean War, September 11th, 2008 Financial Crisis, COVID-19, Brexit, 2012 fiscal cliff, Civil-War, ending of gold standard, paying off the national debt, the panic of 1837 after paying off national debt, when the US reached a national debt to GPD of 119% in 1946, Black Monday of 1987 when the market crashed 20% in a day, Watergate, January 6th insurrection, false claims of massive voter fraud, assassination of Lincoln, assassination of Kennedy, attempted assassination of Regan, withdrawal of Afghanistan, invention of atom bomb, Y2K scare, Spanish-flu, anthrax scare, the opposing political party wins, and whatever happens next week?

Bad things happen and will continue to happen. Markets will continue to fluctuate. Regardless of the investment strategies you decide to use, you must have the mental fortitude to not emotionally change your investment strategy based on the news or the short-term performance of your strategy.

At Tines Capital, we believe we have some of the best investment strategies available. No matter how good or bad the strategies are, clients must be patient, consistent, and not make emotional decisions during tumultuous times if they are to have a chance of success.