IBKR Profile Settings

As a security feature, Tines Capital cannot change your home address, mailing address, income, phone, email, beneficiaries, or other sensitive information within Interactive Brokers. If you would like to update any of this information follow these steps or reach out to Tines Capital for help. We are more than happy to help you through any account changes. Just schedule a call here.

1. Go to Settings

If the settings button does not appear after clicking on the icon of a person, please try refreshing the page or logging out, then logging back in.

2. Select the Account you Wish to Edit

Select the account you wish to edit if you have multiple.

3. Select Profile

Select either link to edit your profile.

4. Update The Necessary Information

From here you can update your home address, mailing address, email, income, employment, etc.

5. Beneficiaries

You can update your beneficiaries by following the steps 1-2 above then clicking on the link marked in the image below.