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15% Annualized Return?

By combining it all together we will see a hypothetical portfolio with an annualized return of 15% with a maximum drop in value of 23% even during the flash crash of 1987, the dotcom crash, the 2008 financial crisis, and the covid-19 crash.

Bonds and Rising Rates

Summary When stock markets are not doing well, ETFs tied to long-term US treasuries (loans to the US government) are one of the next best options available in the Tines Capital algorithms. Unfortunately, the use of long-term US treasuries over the last year has been a drag on the Tines Capital algorithms. Naturally this raises … Continue reading Bonds and Rising Rates

Trend Following 1900-1949

Summary The last 12 months have been a particularly hard time for Tines Capital’s active strategies. When strategies of any type are performing poorly, it makes sense to get nervous. Of course, patience and consistency are often the appropriate choice. One of my personal antidotes to getting nervous is diving into what has happened in … Continue reading Trend Following 1900-1949

Don’t miss the Dividends

Don’t let your investment accounts be an additional source of stress for you loved ones when you die. Most retirement accounts and investment accounts allow you to designate people or charities to receive your assets in the event of your death. No one wants to think about their own death, but for the sake of your loved ones, take a few minutes to make sure your beneficiaries are set correctly!