Request Penny Stock Trading Permissions


At this time the most aggressive portfolio that Tines Capital offers is designed to have 0-25% of the portfolio at any given time allocated to a mixture of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Because of various factors, the best available option that allows us to do this for clients is buying shares of Bitcoin and Ethereum trusts that are considered penny stocks. If you do not wish to participate in these trades simply inform Tines Capital in writing. If you would like to participate in these trades please perform the following steps and notify Tines Capital once you have completed them. If you elect to not participate in these trades the funds will be allocated to other assets.

1. Authentication

This step may not be required for all clients in order to proceed with step 2. You can try step 2, but this is a great way to increase the security of your account regardless. Download and setup the IBKR mobile app before you can request that Interactive Brokers allows Tines Capital to trade United States based penny stocks for your account. This video will guide you through the process. Give Tines Capital a call if you are having trouble.

2. Request the Permissions

This video will discuss all the trading permissions required to have Tines Capital use the Leveraged Portfolio in your account. Take note that each account must have the permissions requested. For example, requesting these permissions for your Roth IRA will not apply it to your Traditional IRA. Please follow the video and contact Tines Capital if you have any questions.

3. Notify Tines Capital

After you have completed the above steps you can notify Tines Capital by email that you would like your account(s) to have exposure to cryptocurrency.